Top 5 Poker Mistake Preventin Your Poker Success

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The game of Poker is widely played among casino players around the world. If you have been planning to be an expert in poker, there are some mistakes that you must avoid making. Most of the poker players have been making the same mistake over and over again. By overdoing some of these mistakes, they are not fail to maximize their profit through the game of poker.

Poker can be an easy game to play but a hard game to master. If you are planning to master the game of poker, it is important to identify some of the common mistakes that poker player make. Do take note of these poker mistakes and never repeat them in your game.

Playing Too Many Hands

Most of the beginner that play the game do not realize that the majority of hands that are dealt should be folded. Many amateur made this common mistake of playing most of the cards that they are dealt with. The beginners are prone to make this mistake as they often ignore this basic rule.

In most occasion, we see poker players hold dearly to their cards while hoping to win the game. We have also come across many players that call with ace-rag out of position or even raise with these cards. These players are very used to playing two suited cards or even any picture card. In some cases, you may get lucky with these cards but most of the time you will need a strong post-flop ability to pull it off.

Anyone who wish to win big from their poker should always play premium hands such as high pocket pairs. In most cases, an aces pair would be a strong combination most of the time. It would be a wise choice if the players fold any cards other than a premium hands.

Not Folding Mediocre Hands

It is always hard to let go of marginal hands. At least that is what most of the beginners felt. It is especially true when they found themselves hitting middle pair or even a top pair. By then, it would be really hard for these players to fold their cards. The game would become increasingly confusing when they are involve in the pot holding top pairs. In these occasion, they fail to recognize that their opponent would have the possibility of hitting a flush or straight draw. These players are too focus on their cards until they bet like there is no tomorrow. As a result, they will end up hurting their bankroll by being so ignorant regarding their opponents’ cards.

Being afraid of folding your cards is not the way to play poker. Poker players must take note that the best hand on the flop will not necessary be the best hand on the river. Always play with caution and never be afraid of folding your cards when action heats up.

Under Betting the Pot

While playing Texas Hold’em, many players like to bet out as much of their stack as they like to protect their hand. This can be a great way for you to gain advantage from their betting style. Most of the amateur like to bet small amount such as $30 into a $500 pot. The good players on the other hand will always take advantage of these situation by betting big into the pot. By betting around 75% of the pot will usually be enough to discourage your opponent on the draw. Do bear in mind that any bet under half the pot will not be enough to reap in the same effect.

Over Betting the Pot

Under betting can cause issue to the poker players. Over betting on the other hand is another common mistakes that we often come across. Some players who found themselves winning a few hands and adrenaline start to kick into their game. As a result, they got overconfident and make silly decision such as betting $300 into a $90 pot. In some occasion, these player will even move all in during the pre-flop for $1500 while the blind are still 15/30.

The problem with over betting is that the players with weaker hand will fold while the players with stronger hand will call. By over betting the pot, the players will either win small pot or losing one big one. This will not be the ideal poker playing approach if you are planning to win consistently from your poker game.

Ignoring Poker Position

Having the right knowledge can be a powerful tool in the game of poker. Having the right information on the round of bet will better position yourself to win the game. Some players will place their bet blindly into the game. This also mean that if they opt to bet out, they could possibly face a massive re-raise in the later position. These players find themselves check post flop in hope of a check raise. However, they will usually find that all the other opponents check after them. Checking post flop will usually allow these poker players to see what the rest of the players are up to before they act.

Most beginners will often ignore their position and play a certain set of hands without caring their position. Anyhow, it would be wise to only play the premium hands in the early position. Players shall then follow up by widening their range of starting hands in the later position of their game.


The game of poker would definitely more rewarding and fun if you stop making the mistakes as mentioned above. Do take note of these mistakes and never repeat them in your next poker game. You will surprise yourself on how well you have improve and start winning consistently with ease.